Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Millennial Job Interview

A friend of mine at a major San Francisco-based firm recently conducted an interview with a millennial that went pretty much like this.

When he can, he now only hires recent arrivals to the U.S., who actually seem grateful for being hired.


(HT ZeroHedge)


  1. He should have never agreed that he fired her. Unfair dismissal suit comin' up!

  2. It seems a good number of companies are catering to millennials. Picking up and moving into urban centers to cater to their lifestyle. Then there seem to be differences how recruiters employed by the companies approach millennials vs other generations. Companies seem to sell themselves to milennials while others get offers to sell themselves to the companies.

    It's as if there is some underlying agenda at play.

    1. The employment relationship is a voluntary exchange. If companies are catering to millennials then they must perceive some ex ante value in hiring them. The fact that we may not be able to fathom this doesn't alter that fact. Of course, ex post, the employers could turn out to be wrong. Or we could. If you want to sell products to millennials, perhaps it helps to have them on your team?

  3. Thanks, Bob.

    Wonderfully done. The actress is fabulous! Anyone know her name?