Friday, November 17, 2017

Analyzing the Strange Signature of Treasury Secretary Munchin That Will Appear on the US Dollar

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has one strange "signature." It is disconnected printing. It is what I did in kindergarten before learning cursive writing in first grade.

For what it is worth, according to the web site, Handwriting & Graphology, breaksdown the personality of the disconnected signature writer :
Disconnected signatures: As a first measure, we need to make sure that the pen has been lifted from the paper to consider dissociation. Juxtapositions may also appear. Predisposition to isolation. Difficulty to sustain what is being done.
The first bill that will carry Mnuchin's signature will be the one dollar bill. Official copies of this bill are being printed now and will be distributed to Federal Reserve Bank branches in December.



  1. It's a fitting signature for what amounts to play money.

  2. You know that signature is a temporary for-display-purposes-only kinda' thing. The Treasury is still trying to find out how to place the signature on a Bill using Crayons.