Monday, November 13, 2017

Now Seattle Socialist City Council Member Wants an Hourly Head Tax

Seattle socialist City Council member Kshama Sawant, along with two other members ---Mike O'Brien and Kirsten Harris-Talley -- have proposed to slap a 4.8 cents per employer per hour on
businesses with gross revenues over $5 million.

Advocates of the head tax have said it would bring in $24 million.

According to Seattle PI, the head tax was drawn up in secret and would come on top of a significant increases in business taxes, fees and utility rates the Council has adopted in recent years.

According to SPI, the scene in the Council Chambers, often packed with loud radicals -- ready to cheer Sawant and O'Brien -- came in for sharp criticism from business owners.

In a letter objecting to the head tax, business owners argued they have found themselves "shouted down or found the public comment period shortened or rescheduled."

Are you now getting a sense for why Jeff Bezos is looking for a "second" headquarters for Amazon?



  1. Fortunately, across Lake Washington from Seattle you have Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell et al. where business is mostly insulated from this sort of idiocy.

  2. Is not the thumb supposed to be under the fingers? Sheesh, send her to re-education camp. She will not complain.