Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Senator Says Gary Cohn Faked a Bad Connection to Get Off a Call with Trump

Top White House economic advisor Gary Cohn pretended to have a bad connection to get off a call with President Donald Trump this month.

Sen. Tom Carper of Delaware told CNN that Cohn took the call from the president during a discussion with Democratic senators about tax reform. Carper said Cohn wanted to have a conversation on tax reform without Trump, who was traveling in Asia at the time.

"About 30 minutes into the call, Gary gets up and
takes a call on his cellphone, comes back into the room, and says, we have somebody calling in from Asia, and it was the president, which was nice. Nice of him to do that," Carper said, according to a transcript shared by a CNN reporter. "15 minutes later, the president is still talking. And I said to Gary, it was a room where we're all sitting around this big table, and I said, Gary why don't you do this, just take the phone from, you know, your cellphone back and just say, 'Mr. President, you're brilliant! But we're losing contact, and I think we're going to lose you now, so good-bye.'"

"And that's what he did, and he hung up," Carper said.

A CNN anchor then asked if Cohn faked a bad connection to get off the phone with Trump.

"Well, I wouldn't — I don't want to throw him under the bus, but yes," the senator responded.

Cohn is a clown. It is one of many bad personnel decisions made by Trump.



Here is video via CNN:

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