Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's Trophy Wife Grasps a Sheet of One Dollars Bills While Wearing $1,155.00 Gloves

The public relations clueless Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and his trophy wife, Louise Linton, were at it again.

Not content with living a Carly Simon moment with his wife, Mnuchin brought her to the U.S. Mint earlier today, where they posed for the above photo. The photo shows her grasping a sheet of new one dollar bills while wearing Maison Margiela long gloves (Yours for only $1,155.00, or 23.1 sheets of one dollar bills, at fine stores everywhere).

Mnuchin and his wife took a

 tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to see firsthand the production of the new bills that will display his signature for the first time on US currency.

The photo of Mnuchin and Linton holding up the sheet of bills lit up social media.

“Steve Mnuchin touches a one dollar bill for the first time,” @pharmasean tweeted.

“Honey, I think I found the perfect floormat!” @Stalingrad_Poor posted.

And @JamesSurowiecki said: “The gloves, the Blue Steel gaze! Only way this could be worse would be if Linton and Mnuchin were lighting cigars with flaming dollar bills.”

The currency will be shipped to Federal Reserve regional banks around the country, and the new bills are expected to go into circulation for use by the masses in December.



  1. Seriously? My guess is that the Sec'y and his wife were talking about how these were for the little people. Talk about tone deaf. The U.S. government was neither conceived nor envisioned as a refuge for the rich and connected. The Socialists here are the Secretary and his wife. No self respecting capitalist would make such a spectacle.