Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Citi’s Chief Economist and Top Gold Hater Steps Aside

Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter is stepping aside to be replaced by Catherine Mann, who until recently served as chief economist at the OECD.

Buiter has been a big-time gold hater and also anti-cash. He will be not be missed by anti-Fed sound money advocates.

Although his successor has not written about gold or cash, it is doubtful, given her resume, that her positions will be much different than Buiter.

Mann has been OECD Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department since October 2014. 

She also spent 13 years on the Federal Reserve Board as a Senior Economist and Assistant Director in the International Finance Division. She was the Rosenberg Professor of Global Finance at Brandeis University and from 1997-2011 was a Senior Fellow and visiting Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.  Earlier in her career, Mann served as a Senior International Economist at the President’s Council of Economic Advisors in the White House and worked as a Special Assistant to the Vice-President for Development Economics/Chief Economist at the World Bank. 

Check, check, check a total bankster establishment life.


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