Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Brazenness of Steve Mnuchin

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is a piece of work.

Even Paul Krugman sounds like a fountain of wisdom when discussing Mnuchin:
 On Monday the Treasury Department released a one-page report claiming that tax cuts would pay for themselves. The document was a shameless attempt to fool the public — carefully worded to imply that economic experts at Treasury (they’re still in there somewhere, maybe locked in a closet) had actually done an analysis to that effect, without explicitly saying so. In fact, there was no economic analysis; Trump officials just made up numbers that would give them the result they wanted.

Even reporters hardened to Trump administration lies seemed shocked by the brazenness of this bait-and-switch. What made Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, think he could get away with it?

Well, one answer is that similar scams on the part of congressional Republicans, Paul Ryan in particular, have generally received highly respectful treatment from the news media. Why shouldn’t Mnuchin imagine he can pull off the same trick?

Actually, he probably can’t. But the truth is that on economic policy, as in other areas, the Trump administration isn’t much of a departure from recent Republican norms. There’s a fundamental continuity in the con jobs: Mnuchin is basically trying to do a Paul Ryan; he just lacks the acting skills to pull it off.

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  1. Hey, you're messin' with ma man Steve!
    He demonstrates to us (less than Brad Pitt) guys that given enough money and power, even guys like us can snag really hot babes!
    For the longest time, I had to make do with Henry the K., but this was a new generation compensator!
    C'mon, give me some HOPE!