Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ethereum Explodes Upward

Today's headlines:

Ethereum Explodes Upward
Last week when the e-currency Ethereum was trading at $450, I called it an alternative "investment" to Bitcoin. I first mentioned Ethereum as an investment here in the ALERT in June when it was trading in the $250 range. Today it climbed over $600.

My focus on Ethereum was because of the driving force behind this e-coin...

The Institutional Support for Ethereum

An Important Video on the Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Broad-Based Producer Price Advance
Fed "target" price inflation 2.0? The PPI just climbed to 3.1% on an annual basis at end November, its biggest jump in six years...

Subscriber Question
Q. After watching your video about bubbles and super bubbles, a question came to mind; do you consider the major US stock markets to be in bubble or super bubble territory?


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