Saturday, December 16, 2017

Every US State's Most Important Trading Partner

A fascinating and fun chart.

(ht NinjaEconomics)


  1. Must of the Countries represented make sense but I'm perplexed about Ireland (my heritage) showing up as Indiana's and Oregon's most important trading partner. That's a lot of Guinness!

    1. And Kerrygold. Not Wisconsin, though. I think it's classified as a "Schedule 1" there.

    2. For Indiana, it is Eli Lilly importing drugs made in Ireland. For Oregon, I believe it is Intel, as it has a large Irish plant and its biggest US operations are in Oregon.

    3. There are also health insurance companies who export claims to be processed in Ireland because they basically take over very small villages and pay much less than we will work for over here. When my job was exported, I made $12, if you were wondering.