Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Dead Kids of Socialist Venezuela

DT emails:

Just saw this heartbreaking story from the New York Times about Venezuela.  They show the caskets with dead kids, talk about the food shortage, collapse of the economy, etc. but fail to even suggest the possibility of the real cause.   They say the economy was “mismanaged”.   And they also point out that the leadership blames the US.  What a bunch of low-life’s; they see the destruction, death, pain & suffering but wont even mention Socialism.  ‘It’s all just bad luck because the price of oil went down’, is apparently all the Times can tell.



  1. Socialism kills both figuratively and literally. This is why those who support putting sanctions on Venezuela or using the CIA or other USG agency to force change there are actually supporting socialism because all it does is give Maurado and his lackeys a lifeline. They need to be taken down by their own people

    1. But, but, look how well sanctions etc. worked in CUBA!