Thursday, December 21, 2017

Rand Paul Issues Plea for Help From Libertarians and Conservatives

The below video from Senator Rand Paul is a heroic attempt to slow government spending but it doesn't appear there are enough in Congress that take such a principled position.

The spending will go on and thus Trump's tax reform is nothing but a two-fold shift in how government will squeeze even more money out of the economy, nothing else. For 30%, there will be an immediate increase in taxes, the rest will be made up by government borrowing that will squeeze out private sector financing.

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  1. After courting the support of Repubs like Rand Paul on his tax reform bill, Trump now has the nerve to hold his signing of the bill hostage to concessions on a number of issues related to the CR funding the gov't from those same folks. There is something very dysfunctional about all of this. I assume the Repubs will cave to tax cuts and the same and/or more spending. However, if they don't, things could get real interesting.