Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Illinois Tax Burden is Pushing Lefties Into Red States

On Monday, I reported on the flight of lefties out of Virginia, now comes a report that Illinois loses one person every five minutes on net to other states.

Mailee Smith of the Illinois Policy Institute wrote The Wall Street Journal:
Illinois’s public-union bargaining rules stack the deck against taxpayers, especially when compared with neighboring states. Illinois alone enshrines a “right to strike” for most government workers in state law, a bullying tactic through which government unions can shut down important services until their demands are met. And unlike most of its neighbors, Illinois doesn’t limit contract length for most workers’ contracts, and places virtually no limits on what can be negotiated.

Where has that led? Decadelong contracts are locking taxpayers into funding expensive deals far into the future, regardless of the economic climate....

Illinoisans suffer under some of the highest property taxes in the nation. The state loses one person every five minutes on net to other states. The No. 1 reason is taxes.
Trump cap on SALT deductions is not going to help things. Prepare for more loud unbearable lefties headed to Red states.



  1. I am drifting toward supporting strong immigration-controls. Why? Because the interlopers, fleeing their failed states, bring with them a culture of socialism, central-planning, protectionism, price-controls, taxation and wealth-redistribution, social-democracy, and authoritarianism---the very things that rotted and hollowed-out their own societies and economies whence they came; They lack the humility and perceptiveness to realize why their own governments and societies failed, and in contrast, why their newly-adopted land is thriving in comparison; They infiltrate, occupy and dominate their new neighborhoods, towns, cities and locales, and make inroads into local governments everywhere, where they influence public policy and coerce their toxic culture onto their hosts; And when they can't control the levers of government directly, they will take their aberrant, perverted, anti-Western way of thinking, into the ballot box, and a la Trojan Horse, will covertly bend our values, principles and institutions to their way.
    I'm talking, of course, about Leftist Blue-Staters, fleeing from oppressive, Democrat-dominated states---e.g. Illinois, New Jersey, California, New York, etc---and moving to Red States.
    Maybe we need Border Patrol between the states.

    1. I think you are painting with too narrow a brush. The characteristics you described also fit recent college graduates as well. Until the statist left and right lose control of education, we can only expect more of the same.

    2. Very well put even if somewhat tongue in cheek. However, I was one of those people who fled a blue state where I was born and raised and lived until the age of 35 to live in a red state far from Fed money spigot with lower taxes, less local gov't, and lower cost of living. At the time, I considered myself a "conservative", but I only saw the political and financial aspects of living in a red state as side benefits to other considerations that prompted my move, all of which preceded my intro to Ron Paul and doctrinaire libertarianism, but that is another story. My goal is to keep things the way they were and are politically on the local level, although things are changing not for the better because many, many others with a 180 degree ideological bent wish to see it change and become more like where I left. It is easy to blame this on new arrivals from blue states. However, one thing I have learned is that some of the multigenerational red state locals, the "good ol' boys" who inhabit the gov't and its bureaucracy, love this trend towards big local gov't because they and their families benefit the most. Those like myself trying to hold the line are becoming a distinct minority.

      It's a fact that blue staters are moving to red states for many reasons, among them aging demographics, state tax/economic policies, and better weather. I just think RW is overstating the impact of the Trump tax cuts on this trend. Especially with respect to those folks living in blue states who are in their prime earning and family raising years.

    3. exactly, so long as government has the schools the problems will remain and will largely continue to get worse. the schools are functioning as they were designed to.

  2. "Trump cap on SALT deductions is not going to help things."

    Of course it's going to help things. It's a Tax Cut for the rest of the country and that's OK by me. Decades of refinement of the Tax Language of the Rogue States has led to State Income Taxes that do not go down - The Taxes are seen as a Down Payment to future spending.

    Your greater point is well taken. Florida has had an uphill battle for decades and the attempt to smear Gov. Scott was trumped by events over time. Florida is economically in fine shape and still does not have an income tax. It can be done.

    The "Laboratory of the States" still works. Not perfectly but OK enough. The SALT was not eliminated but it's a start. See Hegel for more.