Saturday, December 16, 2017

Trump to Go Total Batshit Protectionist Against China

Donald Trump will accuse China of engaging in “economic aggression” when he unveils his national security strategy on Monday, reports The Financial Times.

According to the paper, several people familiar with the national security strategy said Trump would propose a much tougher stance on China than previous administrations.

“The national security strategy is likely to define China as a competitor in every realm. Not just a competitor but a threat, and therefore, in the view of many in this administration, an adversary,” said one person.

Trump, in other words, appears ready to act on a view that is being driven by his economic ignorance.

He just doesn't get trade basics.


  1. If only all people would engage in economic aggression against me.

    1. Exactly. Even in the decidedly non-NAP realm of subsidies, I'm glad the dumb people of Europe and Alabama pay me to fly cheaper on Airbus planes, and that the people subsidizing the ME3 airlines are forcing the US3 to be better.

  2. Economic aggression sounds like a leftist term