Thursday, January 18, 2018

Apple and Google Buses Attacked in Silicon Valley

There are some serious anti-economic progress radicals in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area.

Buses that bring tech workers on a daily basis from San Francisco to Silicon Valley have experienced regular attacks. Buses have been stopped, egged and painted on, Now, things appear to be escalating.

Now NBC News Bay Area reports, five charter buses carrying Apple and Google employees had windows damaged Tuesday while driving on Interstate 280, according to the California Highway Patrol.

"We're not certain what caused the damage at this time, but we're not ruling anything out," CHP Officer Art Montiel said.

"It could have been a pellet gun, but what we do know is it was not a high-powered rifle or anything like that," Montiel said.

Some of the incidents occurred in the morning, while others occurred in the evening, according to NBC.

"The outside of the windows were shattered, but nothing went inside and no injuries were reported," Montiel said.

Four of the chartered buses were carying Apple workers, while the fifth was ferrying people who work at Google.

They may have no signs on them, but people in the Bay Area recognize them as being used by tech companies. I see them every morning heading from SF to the Valley.


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  1. Microsoft has similar busses. Thankfully, because Microsoft is located in a suburb outside of Seattle, there isn't an issue. There are only a handful of routes that take employees from Seattle to Redmond.