Monday, January 22, 2018

BREAKING Trump Imposes Steep Tariffs on Imported Washing Machines

The Dumb Statist has made an economically ignorant protectionist move. The germ freak is apparently anti-cheap clean.

President Trump has imposed steep tariffs on both washing machines and solar products.

Robert Lighthizer, the United States trade representative, said the president had decided to accept the recommendations of his trade advisers, who carried out “an exhaustive process” to determine whether American manufacturers were being harmed by imported washing machines and solar products, reports The New York Times.

For the solar industry, the president approved tariffs for the next four years. A tariff of 30 percent will be levied on imported modules and cells in the first year. That will fall to 25 percent in the second year, 20 percent in the third year and 15 percent in the fourth year. In each of the four years, the first 2.5 gigawatts of imported solar cells will be exempted from the tariff.

For imported washing machines, the president approved a combined tariff and quota for the next three years. In the first year, the first 1.2 million washing machines that are imported will face a tariff of 20 percent, while all subsequent imports will have a tariff of 50 percent.

The idea that a trade deficit needs to be corrected is just silly.

Here's Murray Rothbard on the subject:

Here is Milton Friedman on the subject:



  1. I think I waited too long to buy those solar panels. Article 25!!!

  2. --- A tariff of 30 percent will be levied on imported [solar] modules and cells in the first year ---

    He should put a tariff on windows while he's at it, to protect the candlemakers of 'Merica.

    The fool. Him and his merry band of Trumpistas. All fools.

  3. On the positive side, we won't all be forced to buy a new American made washing machine each year. That would be cheaper than the faux health insurance we're paying for.

    1. The tax penalty for not buying Obamacare was repealed in Trump's recently passed tax reform. A step in the direction of liberty for sure, though you wouldn't necessarily get that from reading this site.

    2. Re: Hollow Daze,

      --- A step in the direction of liberty for sure ---

      While taking three steps back with the continuation of massive government surveillance, military expansion and now tariffs and a trade war.

      Bit you wouldn't necessarily get that from Trumpistas.

    3. @F. Torres

      What's better?

      "Continuation" of all you list + an Obamacare tax


      "Continuation" of all you list without such a coercive tax?

      Thought so.

      BTW: I'm NOT a Trumpista and never have been.

  4. Artificially-occurring, man-made scarcity. What madness. Can't the Stable Genius read an economics book at least once in his life?