Friday, January 19, 2018

Government Shutdown: What to Expect

The Senate has failed to pass a short-term spending bill, it appears a federal government "shutdown" will begin at midnight east coast time.

But much of government will continue to run and President Trump will still fly on government money, with his entourage, to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It's a selective shutdown based on the readings of official Washington tea leaves.

Expect drama back at home to fill network news programs. Versions of Washington Monument Theatre will have multiple showings.

It's a little different this time but Tom DiLorenzo has explained the general idea in the past:
The game is this: Whenever a politician is "threatened" with a minor slowdown in spending, the first thing to do is to eliminate police, firefighters, ambulance services, school buses, etc. -- everything that inflicts the maximum discomfort on the victims of the government monopoly (a.k.a., taxpayers). The booboisie then wake up from their American Idol stupor for a moment to raise a fuss, and the proposals to slow down spending growth disappear. (It's called the "Washington Monument Syndrome" because the head of the National Park Service shut down the Washington Monument in the '60s in response to Congress's temporary refusal to fund his complete spending wish list. Tourists from every state complained to their congressmen, and the Park Service wish list was fully funded).
 "Maximum discomfort on the victims," that's us. Who knows what they have in store, but if you are expecting a government check, that won't arrive. For sure, it is not covered as a go, the way Trump's trip to the Swiss Alps is.

In the end, Trump will blame the Democrats for your check not arriving and the Democrats will blame Trump. But it is all just a show. The wars and military operations, especially, will go on.



It's done.


This is priceless:

The first step in the shutdown, they harass the military:


  1. Every so often the state provides libertarians with a hashtag we can all get behind. #ShutGovernmentDown. We might as well enjoy the moment while we can.

  2. Maybe no NFL games, no pay, and commissaries being shut down (no food for families, at least not without some effort) will cause some of them to rethink re-enlisting.

  3. As usual, the Democrats care more about criminal illegal aliens that need to be rounded up and deported than American citizens.