Thursday, January 4, 2018

Socialist Bernie Sanders Wears a $700 Jacket While Complaining About Rich People

Senator Bernie Sanders sported a $700 coat on Monday during New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's swearing-in ceremony, reports Newsweek.

According to NW, "The socialist was cozy and warm in a $690 Burton 2L LZ down jacket, as De Blasio was assuming office for the second time in a row during the frigid temperatures at City Hall."

The socialist could have gotten a perfectly protective winter coat from North Face for $240.00.



  1. Hey! Come on! Give the guy a break, will yuh!

    He’s just trying show that in a socialist society everyone can “own” a $690 Burton down jacket. Of course there won’t be a price tag on it. Burton will be owned by the state, and Bernie's Clothing Minister will simply command the company to make a jacket for everyone. Looking forward to that blessed time.

  2. I think it is important to bring up what the (please correct me if I'm wrong) daughter was getting paid at the wife's school to teach a woodworking class. It was something outrageous like 300k... this is so powerful of an image to show college students and recent grads that know college is too expensive. Soo important to take off the masks of their idols and show them for who they are. I've said this before but memes are the future or swaying opinions and the liberty movement needs master meme makers asap to shake things up.

    1. As you said, Jane Sanders, while College President, transferred $500k to daughter Corrina's school while the other 11 schools collapsed into bankruptcy.

  3. Why do politicians generally not wear hats in freezing weather?

  4. You don't expect him to lead a proletarian revolution in a JC Penney's jacket? That would be most uncivilized

  5. Or he could just shop at one at Goodwill or some thrift store. He kind of reminds one of a bum or crazy relative who does that. Not that you can't find good stuff there if you look.

  6. Or just bring back the Mao suit. All clothing looks the same, but the tailoring and materials are vastly different. Still it makes it hard to see the difference in a photo.That way the elite and masses look like they are the same. Great communist principle.