Saturday, February 10, 2018

Trump is Going To Walk Into a Trap That is Going to Destroy Him

This is the big warning. Absorb it.



  1. It would destroy whomever is President at the time. Didn't listen because it's chicken little Stockman, but yes, something will inevitably cause the next financial calamity he has warned about since the 90s.

  2. This is all nonsense but in a peculiar way. No Congress can obligate any future Congress to spend a penny. Therefore, any "restraints" on future spending are illusory.

    Which means that, without the "Fiction" of restraint, future $pending is RILLY going to explode. "Guns and Butter - and a few Ponies as well."

  3. The thing about Stockman is the market rallied big time just after he got done talking there ...

    1. Since when does a short term event negate a long term prediction? Think about your logic there.