Monday, April 2, 2018

Expect Fruit Prices to Soar: ICE Arresting Farmworkers

Climbing fruit prices will be one of the ramifications of President Trump's idiotic crackdown on undocumented immigrants "to create jobs for Americans."

While many immigrants have been on edge since President Trump vowed a crackdown on illegal immigration, recent sweeps have been particularly concerning because they included the arrests of people not specifically targeted by ICE, reports The Los Angeles Times.

According to LaTi, the concern extends to farmers, who fear more sweeps will drive away labor at a time when some are struggling to get enough workers to pick the crops.

Manuel Cunha Jr., president of Nisei Farmers League, which represents agricultural employers and their workers throughout the state, said farmers are worried about losing trusted workers. He told LaTi that the increasingly tense relationship between the Trump administration and California, which declared itself a “sanctuary state,” has upped the anxiety.

“They’re not going to be replaced by American workers,” Cunha said. “Don’t punish the businesses. We’re not the ones that came up with the sanctuary state.”

Cunha is correct. The highly skilled (and spoiled) American workers are not going to work in the hot sun picking crops. It is absolutely idiotic to chase the undocumented away from these jobs.

It will only mean less crop picked and higher prices for Americans buying fruit.

Meanwhile, ICE Director Thomas Homan has said that immigrants who have entered the U.S. illegally “should be afraid.”

He warned that California’s so-called sanctuary policies, which limit the cooperation between local and federal law enforcement, give the agency no choice but to make arrests in neighborhoods and at work sites. That leads to the arrests of other immigrants in the country illegally who are not intended targets, he said.

-Robert Wenzel 


  1. Right! We will have stuff rotting in the fields and other scary stuff. Give us a break RW! Another CATO institute myth that has always been unfounded.

    1. You would be quite surprised as the amount of food that would go unpicked. There multiple interviews with farmers that state this is a major issue.

    2. So, Mr The Lab Manager, suppose you are one as many californians that leave more than one third of his salary on food and housing: usually you could find out the tomatoes like here in Italy for 2€/kg because only 8 cts/kg was requested by the producer that had to give only 2/3 cts to the illegal but so good working immigrant; now with your so brilliant idea you have theoretically find out a new successfull cost structure for tomatoes where you employ for only 3000 $ 200 hours an original american so you have now to give about 14 cts (seven times oops!) to the very bad working american ...but now these twelve cents makes all at once twenty cts kg more when the producer manage to find a more 20 cts kg but 40 cts kg obviously by the way till my table here in italy the kg price will be no more 2 € sure enough it will be 3 or 4 € kg...yes is only one or two € more...???no now you are 33%-50% pourer so please let go away this absurd cato reference and realize finally just how poor you have just insisted to time you'll be surely granted what you are now asking for...just only ask for yourself!

  2. I have lived in California all my life. The only white people I have ever seen pick crops are hippie farmers. Everything else is picked by mexicans.

    1. Franco Torres is a bit of a halfwit. But he is barely qualified to pick fruit.