Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trump's Wrong - Amazon Does Collect Sales Taxes

Tim Worstall correctly notes:
President Donald Trump has shown himself to be slightly behind the times here, he has accused Amazon of not paying internet taxes--by which we all assume he means collects sales tax upon online purchases. That is entirely out of date, it used to be true that Amazon was entirely happy in not doing so but it has changed its mind. Not only does it now itself collect such taxes everywhere they apply, it backs measures to make sure that every [other] online seller does so as well.

That said, does it really have to be pointed out that a call by Trump for more taxes, particularly a tax which seems to be vengeful, is a horrific position?

BTW: There is one online bookseller that does not collect sales taxes (at least outside of its home state). I don't want to leave you stranded on this point but I don't want to blow the cover on this seller.

-Robert Wenzel 

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