Saturday, April 7, 2018

Is Trump Going to Slap Tariffs on BMW and Mercedes Benz Cars?

On Thursday, President Trump appeared on the new WABC New York City morning show, Bernie and Sid. It was two men with strong New York accents fawning over another man and talking nonsense about the non-problem of a trade deficit.

During the interview, Trump mentioned that U.S. cars exported into the European Union face much higher tariffs than BMW and Mercedes Benz cars that are being imported into the U.S.

Is Trump going to slap tariffs on BMW and Mercedes Benz cars that are imported into U.S.? He wasn't clear on the point but I wouldn't rule it out. Of course, such a tariff would only hurt U.S. auto buyers that are considering buying such cars.

Fighting tariffs with tariffs is like bombing your own homefront after your soldiers are attacked overseas.

-Robert Wenzel  


  1. Even if European governments cheat their own citizens to the benefit of Americans, it does not follow that Americans should demand to be cheated in the same way by their own government, to the benefit of European citizens.

  2. Jeeezus, maybe those #resist assholes are on to something.

  3. CAFE becomes an effective tariff on BMW and probably MB as well. Also if he really wants to hurt the MB and BMW he could have the 25 year old private import rule repealed. A law passed primarily for the benefit of MB and its US dealer network.

  4. How many BMW and Mercedes cars are being imported to the US?

    BMW has one US auto plant, Daimler has two. They appear to produce quite a variety of vehicles.