Thursday, May 10, 2018

US Treasury Department is Protecting Identity of Treasury Official Who Forced 22 Year Old to Perform Oral Sex; Treasury Conclusion: He was too drunk to notice he was assaulting her.

The Treasury Department is protecting the identity of a senior American Treasury diplomat who they determined sexually assaulted a 22-year-old woman at a party he hosted at his residence while stationed at an American embassy. The Treasury has reached the conclusion that he was too drunk to notice he was assaulting the woman.

A copy of a report obtained through a Freedom of Information Request by shows the Treasury Department substantiated an allegation that a high-ranking financial attaché forced the woman to perform oral sex on him by holding her head down in the maid's quarters of his taxpayer-funded home.

The attaché, who had
a US government salary of up to $90,000 a year and was based in the Americas, also inserted his fingers into her vagina during the attack on New Year’s Eve, 2013, the report states.

During his midnight toast to guests at the party, just before the alleged attack took place, the American attaché supposedly said he was as ‘hard as Lenin’s statue’.

The alleged victim, who was on vacation and visiting a relative at the embassy, told investigators she was too scared to resist his advances and couldn’t pull away as he was holding her head.

According to the Daily Mail, the Treasury Department's Office of the Inspector General stated in their investigation that the attaché was likely ‘too drunk’ to notice the woman was trying to reject his advances.

After his midnight toast, the attaché allegedly took the woman into a wing of his residency and assaulted her until he ‘reached orgasm’.

The woman told department investigators that a few hours after the attack she texted a friend describing what had happened.

She said she couldn’t escape because he was holding her hair, she was ‘scared’ and didn’t have the guts to push him away.

On January 3, 2014, she told her brother about the alleged attack, who reported it and which sparked a series of interviews

Eight people at the party said they didn’t notice any unusual contact between the woman and the attaché, but six said the attaché was either ‘drunk’ or ‘very drunk’.

During his interview, the attaché insisted the ‘sexual contact’ was consensual and claimed the woman had several opportunities to resist either physically or verbally.

An investigation by the Treasury’s Official of the Inspector General, that was run by current head Eric Thorson at the time, concluded he ‘likely’ did commit the sexual assault, but he was too drunk to notice her rejecting his advances.

The Treasury Department confirmed to that the attaché no longer works with them, and left after the investigation into his conduct concluded.

-Robert Wenzel  

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  1. That's a novel defense; being too drunk to notice that you're committing a crime. I'll bet that one would work beautifully as a defense in a DUI case.