Monday, May 28, 2018

Venezuela Has Turned Into a Hell Hole: Guess What CNN Forgets to Mention

Steve Hanke writes:
Maduro has turned Venezuela into a hell hole - thanks to his socialist policies. CNN doesn't mention the word “socialism” once in its coverage of what is truly a living hell.  Amazing!
From CNN:
After nearly two decades under a government that constantly works to turn Venezuelans against each other, some in Venezuela accept Maduro's claim that their problems are the fault of the Americans or the opposition. But most people are fed up. Polls show Maduro's approval rating to be about 25%. But without democracy, the voice of the people does not decide who governs.
Venezuelans will continue to struggle with hospitals that have no medicines, stores that have no food, and a fast-shrinking economy with the world's highest inflation and some of the world's highest crime rates.
As the world tries to figure out how to help the Venezuelan people, one timely lesson from their tragedy is that protecting the rule of law, the independence of the judiciary, is a top priority in the defense against tyranny.


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  1. "But without democracy, the voice of the people does not decide who governs."

    In typical statist style, the focus is on who governs, and the assumption is that voting provides voters with some influence. Ergo, if we can just get some elections going, and someone else gets in, all will be well. This is the stuff of fourth grade social studies.