Friday, June 22, 2018

Harriet Tubman $20 Bill At Least 10 Years Away

In response to a letter from Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire concerning the Obama Administration announced that Harriet Tubman's image would appears on the twenty dollar bill, the Treasury Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Drew Maloney praised  Tubman’s “courage and persistence."

He went on to state that the redesign of the next generation of U.S. banknotes was “still in the early stages”, and that neither “final designs nor all features” had so far been prepared by the Treasury.

“For this reason, the department is unable to provide additional information regarding the potential designs at this time,” Maloney said. He estimated that a new $20 bill design would not see release for another 10 years or more.


(via CoinWeek)


  1. 10 years?! The treasury department may as well be trying to bring back slavery.

  2. Oh, it would be so sweet if Trump shook things up and, before he left office, emblazoned his face and name across a bill, so that the Progressives/SJWs would have to stare at him for years to come!

  3. I know a guy whose dad is a chemist and owns a company that manufactures a specific kind of ink that is only used in US currency. They have a lot of money. My guess is everyone involved in this silly project does too. What's the rush? What do they care? It's not like they have to beat their competitors to market.