Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Immigration Agents Arrest 114 at Ohio Landscaper

 More than 100 workers at an Ohio gardening and landscaping company were arrested Tuesday when about 200 federal officers descended on the business and carried out one of the largest workplace immigration raids in recent years, reports Yahoo news.

This is evil and silly. What is this supposed to accomplish, free up lawncare work for newly graduated college students?

The operation involved aircraft surveillance in addition to the large contingent of federal agents.

Sounds to be like a totalitarian federal agents job protection scam.



  1. Good old “free market” republicans...

  2. ---More than 100 workers at an Ohio gardening were arrested ---

    Notice how La Migra never goes to welfare offices to arrest all those "illegulz" who the liar bigots at the CIS, the Keebler Elf and the Big Orange Man In The Sky claim they come over for the "freebies".

    It's always at their place of work. Which tells you: Trumpistas are gawddamned liars.

  3. What about the law abiding landscaping entrepreneur just starting out who wants to compete on a level playing field with a large landscaping company that violates immigration law in order to save money on labor costs? The law may be stupid but shouldn’t the law abiding small business owner expect the law to be enforced uniformly?

    1. @Neil

      What about him? He should have to compete on the free market, not depend on the state to kneecap his competition.

    2. What about the consumers who the president wants they pay higher prices for overpriced landscaping services?

      What if these 'law abiding' ebtrepreneurs really want to hire immigrants but are so affraid of the Keebler Elf and his army of thugs shutting down their businesses?

      You can say that the law should be enforced equally. There is a difference between laws that are congruent with moral principles like Do No Harm, and laws that are mere extensions of an authoritarian State. Which do you think help foment the Rule of Law and which create a corrupted or indifferent people?

    3. Competing in a free market presupposes adherence to the rule of law by the competition. Otherwise, the law abiding citizen has no incentive to engage in entrepreneurship.

    4. @Neil

      If the state is interfering with one business’s freedom of association, the proper response from a libertarian perspective is not to demand that the state also interfere with another business’s freedom of association in order to be fair, but rather to demand that the state stop interfering to begin with.

      Aggression only justifies self-defense, not further aggression against 3rd parties.

    5. Re: Neil,
      ─ Competing in a free market presupposes adherence to the rule of law by the competition. ─

      Actually, a free market presupposes everyone respects ****property rights****, but to say that you expect everyone to abide by the rules of the State is foolish, for who else but a few who enjoy the better connections set the rules of the game? For instance: Licensing laws, environmental protection regulations, subsidies, tariffs and, what else? Restrictions to peaceful and voluntary immigration.

      What you ask is therefore irrational. It's based on a false sense of moral superiority.

  4. I think it's great immigration law is being enforced to this degree. If it is so horrible, why won't Mexico take these people? Also, what evidence do we have any of these illegals even know about libertarianism? If we really need these workers, I guess I could go along with a brasero type program which was done in the 60's.

    Torres, or he who fantasizes about blacks and mestizos, has shown the usual stupidity consistent with his idiocy. He could move to Africa and or Central America anytime and and work to make those societies better instead of sending the vermin up here.

    1. Re: He-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males,

      ─ If it is so horrible, why won't Mexico take these people? ─

      What does one thing have to do with the other? What makes you think that anything justifies that level of violence against peaceful people who are doing nothing except earn a living in a voluntary fashion?

      ─ Also, what evidence do we have any of these illegals even know about libertarianism? ─

      If the government was interested in such a litmus test, immigrants would turn anarcho-capitalist overnight.

      ─ If we really need these workers ─

      If what you mean by "we" is you and your bigoted buddies, what "y'all" need is irrelevant. And you cannot presume to know what *others* need. Clearly, THE MARKET needed those workers, otherwise a) they would not employ them and b) the workers would offer their labor somewhere else.

  5. Why can't white landscapers compete with immigrants? Because they're lazy.

  6. How many Americans get killed by car crashes with other americans?

  7. @Donxon

    Also, how many immigrants would have died had they been forced to remain in their former countries (many of which have a higher death rate than the US)?