Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Jordan's King Appoints Globalist Technocrat Harvard Economist to Form New Government as Protests Rage

On Tuesday, Jordan’s King Abdullah named as prime minister a former World Bank economist who will now be forming a new government, reports Reuters.

The king appointed Harvard-educated Omar al-Razzaz after accepting Hani Mulki’s resignation as prime minister, attempting to defuse public anger over IMF-driven reforms.

Jordanians have been demonstrating in the capital, Amman, and surrounding provinces since last week,  over price increases and an income tax "reform" bill.

Omar al-Razzaz 
Outgoing Prime Minister al-Mulki had proposed raising income taxes by at least five percent to bring things in line with International Monetary Fund "austerity" demands.

It is unclear how things will improve under al-Razzaz. He is a tool of crony globalists who love to squeeze countries like Jordan. He holds a PhD from Harvard University in Planning, with a minor in Economics. He worked for the World Bank, Washington D.C. (1997- 2002) in various posts and was director of the World Bank in Lebanon (2002 and 2006).

Razzaz was also Assistant Professor at MIT in the International Development and Regional Planning  Program (1995-1997).


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