Friday, June 22, 2018

Koch Brothers Network Unveils Phase One of Multimillion-Dollar Ad Campaign Against Trump's Tariffs

The political network funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch are unveiling their first phase of a multimillion-dollar ad campaign against President Donald Trump's tariffs.

Freedom Partners, an organization that's part of the Koch network, is launching a six-figure television and radio ad campaign that will target the import tariffs being implemented by the Trump administration. The ads will also call on Congress to embrace free trade and not follow the course of the current White House trade policies.

"To keep growing, we must keep trading," the ad says. "Tariffs are not the answer. Tell Washington: Support Freedom. Oppose Tariffs."

The ad itself seemsboring to me but fighting tariffs should always be hailed.


(via CNBC)


  1. What Koch really means is we need to continue making huge profits on the ready slave labor in other countries willing to allow us to make our products as cheaply as possible to gouge the US consumer for the product as possible.

    If you are a US company manufacturing elsewhere ... you are the ONLY target we should have for these tariffs

    1. I mean, I’m sure there are still a few instances of genuine slavery/exploitation, but for the most part these companies are providing people with a less-poor alternative than they would otherwise have.

    2. How does using cheaper foreign labor "gouge the US consumer"? Given the competitiveness of most product markets, I would have thought that using cheaper labor would allow a manufacturer to reduce prices as a competitive strategy, to the benefit of consumers.