Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump Reportedly Tossed a Starburst Toward Merkel During G7 Summit

We now have the story surrounding that Merkel vs. Trump standoff G7 photo.

President Trump reportedly tossed a Starburst toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the G7 summit in Canada, reports the New York Post.

“Trump was sitting there with his arms crossed, clearly not liking the fact that they were ganging up on him,” Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer said on “CBS This Morning.”

“He eventually agreed and said OK, he’ll sign it. And at that point, he stood up, put his hand in his pocket, his suit jacket pocket, and he took two Starburst candies out, threw them on the table and said to Merkel, ‘Here, Angela. Don’t say I never give you anything.’”



  1. That's our man! At least Trump stands for something. Hopefully he can get the wall built and kick out all of the f'ing illegal immigrants and a lot of legal ones to.

    1. You said pathetic racist bigot cheering on the State and the gang of thieves, kidnappers and criminals who run it. Your life must truly be sad. I genuinely pity you.

  2. If only FDR and Churchill had employed such tactics with Stalin at Yalta, maybe Eastern Europe could've been spared the ravages of Communism.