Tuesday, July 3, 2018

BREAKING Elon Musk Ordered Tesla Engineers to Stop Doing a Critical Brake Test on Model 3s

Elon "Screw the Brakes Test" Musk
Crony Tesla CEO Elon Musk ordered his employees to stop putting nearly finished Model 3s through a critical test before leaving the company's factory in Fremont, California, according to an internal document viewed by Business Insider.

It's called the brake and roll test, and it ensures the car is correctly aligned.

According to an industry expert, the brake and roll test is a critical part of the car manufacturing process, taking place during its final stages. The test ensures that the car's wheels are perfectly aligned and checks the brakes and their function by taking the vehicle's engine up to certain revolutions per minute and observing how they react on diagnostic machines, reports BI.

Ron Harbour, a consultant at Oliver Wyman who founded and writes "The Harbour Report," a worldwide guide to manufacturing, told Business Insider that after everything is installed in a car during the manufacturing process, a manufacturer would have to be very lucky for everything on a car to be in alignment.

"If you just abandon [the test], you could potentially have a lot of quality issues with your customers," he said. "Every plant does that ... It's part of finishing the build of the car."

Harbour told Business Insider he was unaware of any test that could adequately replace the brake and roll test on a manufacturing line.