Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Cato Institute Economist Says the Case for Universal Basic Income is Quite Strong

Michael D. Tanner, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, says “The theoretical case for a Universal Basic Income is actually quite strong.”

This is probably reason enough to close the Cato Institute down right now. Knocking the building down and putting up a two-level parking garage in its place would be more of an advance toward freedom, then allowing the policy commentary that is now coming out of that building.

Tanner's only concern for the statist policy is that it would cost too much. “But if you did one around $10,000 a year for every single American — George Soros, Bill Gates, poor people — it would cost more than the entire current federal budget,” he says.

Murray Rothbard, a founder of the Cato Institute, would take pen to paper and blast Tanner and the Cato Institute for making such an anti-libertarian, anti-sound economic policy comment. And he would be damn correct in doing so.



  1. Tanner just wants to get invited to swanky, liberal cocktail parties.

  2. I asked my wife a while back if we had a UBI of $1500 a month and Medicare for all, how long would she have her job. Answer, long enough to dial the phone and quit.