Monday, July 23, 2018

Workers are 'Ghosting' Jobs and Interviews

The boom of the Fed-created boom-bust cycle is on full blast furnace.

CNBC reports:
In the hottest job market in decades, workers are holding all the cards. And they’re starting to play dirty.
A growing number are "ghosting" their jobs: blowing off scheduled job interviews, accepting offers but not showing up the first day and even vanishing from existing positions – all without giving notice.

While skipping out on appointments and work has always happened on occasion, the behavior is “starting to feel like a commonplace” occurrence, says Chip Cutter, editor-at-large at LinkedIn, the job and social networking site, who has studied hiring practices.

While no one formally tracks such antics, many businesses report that 20 to 50 percent of job applicants and workers are pulling no-shows in some form, forcing many firms to modify their hiring practices.



  1. They're showing about the same amount of professionalism as many businesses. It's good to see the little guy screw over the corporation once in a while.

    1. I don't think its good behavior, BUT it speaks volumes. Your either a place people want to work at, or your not, and you suck.

      That's the way it is, at the place I work.. people just leave.. they get tired of dealing with managements bullshit. I work in manufacturing.. they screw over the employees with mandatory overtime (Ie, they don't have their logistics together) .. People just get burned out quick. And all the games HR & safety play.. it grows old.

  2. Given how some businesses recruit these days they deserve it. I don't condone doing it, but numerous companies do deserve it.

    Especially the ones that invite people out of the blue to compete for the honor of working for them.