Monday, August 6, 2018

Foreign Investment in the United States Crashes

Adam S. Posen writes at Foreign Affairs:
U.S. President Donald Trump’s hostility to globalization is ruining the United States’ attractiveness as a place to do business.... This year, net inward investment into the United States by multinational corporations—both foreign and American—has fallen almost to zero, an early indicator of the damage being done by the Trump administration’s trade conflicts and its arbitrary bullying of companies and governments. This shift of corporate investment away from the United States will decrease long-term U.S. income growth, reduce the number of well-paid jobs available, and reinforce the ongoing shift of global commerce away from United States. That shift will subject the entire world economy to greater instability.  


  1. "reduce the number of well-paid jobs available"

    But unemployment is supposedly 4%.

  2. So the article by the magazine that supports US hegemony only provides 3 numbers regarding Foreign Direct Investment and doesn't compare it to previous comparable lows. I agree with free trade, but this isn't the best analysis regarding foreign investment.