Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It Would Be Great If an Austrian Economics Student Could Infiltrate Here

Greg Mankiw
Harvard economics professor and the world's greatest economic textbook salesman, Greg Mankiw,  posts at his blog:

Job Opening

I am looking to hire a couple part-time RAs.  Information here. These positions tend to go to Harvard students, but I will consider applicants from comparable institutions.


  1. Would a "haavaad" prof really consider any other "institution" comparable?

    I am reminded of a scene with the notable Harvard alum Thurston Howell III, in which, for reasons that now escape me, he tried to detect which college the wild jungle boy (Kurt Russell) would be suited to by assessing his table manners...when jungle boy, disregarding the proffered cutlery, gustily picked up his coconut cream pie and devoured it a la mains, the shipwrecked plutocrat exclaimed: "e-gad, a Yale man!"