Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What Socialists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Really Have in Common

While they both talk about equality and a concern for the common man, they both really love the super good life that is unattainable by the common man.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was recently caught wearing a $3,500 outfit for a photo-op with construction workers.

While his people starve,  Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was caught on video feasting on
pricey steaks prepared by star chef “Salt Bae”  at the upscale Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul, Turkey, where cuts of steak go for hundreds of dollars a piece, according to the New York Post.

Yes, reach for the good-life: pretend you are part of the masses and care.

-RW  .


  1. So while Venezuelans are dieting, eating maybe once a days, shedding 20 pounds per year, Nick “Chubby Cheeks” Maduro is packing in the protein and smoking stogies. And while Cortez can’t explain how she would fund all the programs she claims are for the masses she has no problem trouncing around in garb none of the masses can afford.