Friday, November 9, 2018

A Great Take on Climate Change From Jordan Peterson

This is impressive.

Starts at 20:30 and ends at 26:57.


(ht Jack Winkle)

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  1. 1. Libertarian outreach failure #3,456: Why not mention (daily) that Keynesian funny money stimulus fuels runaway suburban sprawl. Detroit public schools induce everyone to cut down the forest and move out to 32 Mile Road (way past 8 Mile) fueled by unsustainable funny money loans which always subsidize and induce auto purchases. Keynesians and public school supporters cause Global Warming if anything does. Challenge them on it. They will stare at their shoes and slink away.

    2. Why are statists trying to stimulate the economy with funny money loans while, at the same time, trying to de-stimulate it with carbon taxes and regulations? They know exactly what they are doing, right?

    3. Peterson needs a quick lesson in how average people buying, selling and haggling create the essential price information necessary for a prosperous economy. The elites hate that process because they cannot control it and there is no role for them in the process but most of our problems are caused by them trying to solve problems that do not otherwise exist.