Monday, November 19, 2018

Some Very Odd Thinking By Salesforce Founder Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff 
By Robert Wenzel

Salesforce founder Marc Benioff was recently interviewed by Kara Swisher for Recode.

During the interview, he apparently told Swisher, "You are either for the homeless or you're for yourself. ...For me it was binary," when he was defending San Francisco's Prop C.

Prop C is the authorization for the city and county governments of San Francisco to fund housing and homelessness services by taxing medium and large businesses at the following rates:

0.175 percent to 0.69 percent on gross receipts for businesses with over $50 million in gross annual receipts, or

1.5 percent of payroll expenses for certain businesses with over $1 billion in gross annual receipts and administrative offices in San Francisco.
It is really difficult to believe that Benioff has really thought this through.

Being in favor or against Prop C is in no way a binary decision on homelessness.

Prop C is about government meddling in the homeless situation. (The proposition passed in San Francisco in Nov. 6 election voting but is expected to be challenged in the courts.)

It is entirely possible to want to see the homeless situation solved and not want government involved at all. I, for one, hold that position. So just call me a disrupter of Benioff binaryism.

It appears that Benioff 's real clouded view comes about because he sees the government in general as a tool for solving problems. He even thinks that the government should step in and battle Facebook, the way government battles cigarettes.
Benioff may think he knows a lot with his bold claims as to what the government should do. But what it really means is that he does not understand #PPS.

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