Sunday, November 18, 2018

Tag Team Amazon Hate From Tucker Carlson and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 
As I have discussed before the Amazon headquarters 2 moves to the New York City and the Washington D.C. area is a complex issue.

There is nothing wrong with tax cuts, which is mostly the deal Amazon cut in both regions, but these are crony deals in the sense that only Amazon gets these deals and no one else.

The libertarian position would be that tax cuts should be expanded to all.

Naturally, the socialist congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn't focusing on lower taxes for all. She is just in Amazon-hate mode arguing that the tax cuts shouldn't occur. Disappointingly,  Tucker Carslon takes the same position and oddly in the clip below asks: Why isn't Amazon moving to Detroit?

The answer, of course, is that the types of employees that Amazon requires are not in Detroit.  And that also in our heavily regulated economy, Amazon needs to be close to power.

On his show to discuss the topic (below), Carlson brought on Brian Brenberg, a business and economics professor at The King's College in New York City.

Brenberg was excellent in making the point that the Amazon moves were about getting close to power centers and having influence.

He didn't, however, bring the ball over the goal line and suggest that government power should be shrunk/eliminated. Instead, he gave the impression that Amazon shouldn't be grabbing for low hanging power. As if no one else was going to grab for the power.

The solution is eliminating government power and these crony deals disappear. #PPS



  1. It's also noteworthy that AOC laments that the NYC subways are crumbling, but she doesn't stop to consider that it's government that "owns" and manages the subways, and her whole platform is to call for more government. Can you imagine if a private firm were managing the subways and they were in this condition? We'd never hear the end of it. It's almost like there is a double standard when it comes to government. The solution to "market failure" is to have the government take things over, but the solution to "government failure" is for the government to grow.

    1. More than almost - there absolutely is a double-standard in the minds of those with the Washington-knows-best opinion. It is greed for a business to earn revenue in consensual transactions with happy customers but somehow NOT greed government to confiscate revenue by threat of force.