Thursday, November 8, 2018

Thank You Federal Reserve: Bryce Harper Rejects $300 Million Offer

The Washington Nationals’ outfielder Bryce Harper has rejected a 10 years, $300 million contract offer from the team, reports USA Today.

Last year, Harper batted .249 with 34 home runs. He led major league baseball in walks with 133.

Reports indicate his agent Scott Boras wants a deal that will pay Harper more than $34.42 million in average annual salary.



  1. How else is he going to afford a house in today's real estate market?

  2. Poor bastard. Well, at least he has no reason kneel when the anthem is played at the ball game.

  3. what would have to be said to convince you that an extra 4.4MM / yr is worthy of turning down initial offer of 300MM/10 yrs?

    1. Im guessing the extra 4.4 million a year is all that needs to be said. They may be the only team in town, but if he's being offered that much, I sure he has options in other cities.

  4. He may take less elsewhere. Might just want less sociopaths in his team's city

  5. I think it was 1960 that Ted Williams became the highest paid baseball player at $100,000.
    I was awed by that figure and as a BoSox fan happy for Theodore.