Thursday, November 29, 2018

Will Cryptos Save the World?

Viresh Amin emails:
Hi Robert,
Now that the hype is over for the most part on Blockchain / Bitcoin, I do have a question for you.
I see a lot of promise in Crypto's and if it has the potential to seriously damage the power governments have, I do wonder when the last time was where a market invention that seriously handicapped the government bodies around the world? Or to put it another way if anything in this world is capable of severely handicapping government, would it not be the market?

RW response:

I don't see cryptos damaging the power of government. In fact, I see the opposite.

If a crypto ever gets popular enough (let's hope not), it will be co-opted by government and all our exchanges will be tracked.

The only thing that is capable of severely handicapping government is ideas, specifically the ideas surrounding liberty that become generally accepted.

The job of advancing liberty is in the hands' original thinkers and top-tier intellectuals who promote liberty and its great benefits, and the second-hand dealers in ideas who adopt those ideas.

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  1. The only thing good to come out of cryptocurrency is the blockchain technology itself.