Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Are the Yellow Vests Protests in France Over? (And what will it mean if they are not)

A suspension of the fuel tax by French President Emmanuel Macron may not be enough to quell the unrest in France.

Yellow Vests and opposition parties are saying it is too little, too late.

As I have already reported, Benjamin Cauchy, an early organizer of the Yellow Vests, said on BFM TV, “It’s a first step that could have come weeks ago without all the rancor.”

"But the French won’t be satisfied with just crumbs, they want the whole baguette.” He said he wanted all recent gasoline tax hikes rolled back.

The questions then are: What will happen this weekend? Will the yellow vests return to the streets demanding even more tax cuts?

Surely, many in other parts of the EU are watching, If the unrest continues, will it trigger demonstrations in other parts of the EU?

The below report by France 24, provides a good introduction to the current mood of the Yellow Vests.



  1. In other news, the US Congress is rushing to pass legislation outlawing the sale and wearing of yellow vests...

  2. A suspension just means they'll bring it back later when they think the people won't get so angry. It means approximately nothing.