Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Economist Influencing Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Paul Krugman
This is not good.

The incoming socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to be under the influence of opportunistic Keynesian Paul Krugman.

She tweets about him a lot and now he is tweeting back to support her when she is caught making absurd factual claims.

And during an interview in August, she said that she has done lot of back of the envelope estimates of the costs of the policies she is promoting with the help of a Nobel Prize winning economist.  Hmmm.



  1. She's already calling the opposition party "bullies" (for opposing her)? That word is so diluted now, it has lost all meaning. Sort of like "racist."

  2. "Dumb and Dumber, the economist edition." In theateres now.

    or, if you prefer

    "Beavis and Butthead become economists."

    It's funny how he immediately plays the race and gender card as if we're supposed to give her a handicap for each of them. Then he says essentially that people "call her stupid, but other people are stoopider" This is hilarious.

  3. Ha! Nice illustration of your post -- using a Krugman pic that screams "Svengali."

    I'm no fan of Trump or the GOP, but the constant insinuations/accusations that they are against people "of color" is way, way beyond trite, not to mention baseless. Mia Love was a minor star in Congress. And the first Korean-American woman (Young Kim) has been elected to Congress by Republicans, but all we get from the Fourth Estate is crickets.