Sunday, December 23, 2018

Top Ten 2018 Posts at EPJ

1. Donald Trump's Bill Paying Ways

2. The Embarrassing Error of the Empirical Economists

3. "You Should Be Afraid of Ocasio-Cortez"

4. 22 Days in Paul Krugman's Masterclass (Day 1)

5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a Hardcore Marxist

6. Paul Krugman Attacks Ron Paul in The New York Times

7. Be Very Suspicious of Tucker Carlson

8. And So It Begins: Trump Puts $30 In Everyone's Paycheck But Destroys Their Stock and Retirement Portfolios in the Process

9. The Socialists Are Everywhere

10. The Idiotic Thinking Behind the Elimination of Plastic Straws By Starbucks

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