Thursday, December 6, 2018

"You Should Be Afraid of Ocasio-Cortez"

By Robert Wenzel

At The Federalist, Jesse Kelly reflects very closely my thoughts about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:
Earlier this week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put up a tweet so mind-numbingly stupid that simply calling it “factually incorrect” would be an insult to the word “incorrect.” As is to be expected in the social media world, folks on the right ripped the incoming congresswoman to shreds for it...

Yes, the tweet was incorrect. Yes, it would be nice if the people in our government had some actual knowledge about the things they talk about. Still, it is critical for folks on the right to avoid the mistakes made by the left. We must learn from how they treated (and treat) President Trump and endeavor not to make the same mistakes.

Do not underestimate this woman, and do not think your savage mockery of her stupidity will be an effective tool to stop her. It won’t. It will instead be personalized by her supporters, creating an army that will lay down and die for her (or at least vote for her), just like the army Trump has. You should be afraid of Ocasio-Cortez. Be much more afraid than you are...

 [N]ow is the age of social media. This is the age where a tidal wave of support

 can and does come from anywhere. Social media allows candidates for office to let the public see them with their blemishes. With a push of a button, you can watch Ocasio-Cortez make instant mac and cheese like a college freshman. She’s pretty. She’s young enough to understand and take advantage of this current political world. Most importantly, her naiveté about the things of government make her more appealing to the common man, not less.

Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist. Socialism is just communism dressed up in high heels and lipstick. It is a tremendous evil and a scourge upon the face of the planet. It has killed far more people than Nazism, racism, or any of the other isms combined, and America is not as far from it as you might think. Don’t believe me? Here are the Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump polls from last election. Very scary stuff. 
So go ahead laugh at Ocasio-Cortez. That’s fine. Sit in your Foggy Bottom townhouse and mock the dullard from the Bronx as she eats the food of the unwashed masses. Squeal with delight every time she fails basic civics. After all, this freshman congresswoman, her peasant food, and her Boston University degree wouldn’t even be allowed in the front door of your tennis club.

But know this; the people who decide the next election like easy mac and cheese, and they’ll never step foot in a tennis club. She speaks the language President Trump speaks, and she speaks it well.
Kelly is right about all this but there is something more dangerous about Ocasio-Cortez, She doesn't understand economics--to the point, she can sound like a total idiot---but she does understand revolutionary tactics.

And I am not talking Saul Alinsky revolutionary-lite tactics. If you follow her close enough and also understand Leninist revolutionary tactics, you know she is steeped in the stuff and knows how to brilliantly execute the strategy.

Libertarians who support Trump are making a serious mistake. The action is in the aggressive anti-Trump world and many libertarians are leaving this field wide-open for the socialists.

I fear Ocasio-Cortez will be around for a very long time. The only question might be: Just how Leninist will she get in 10 or 20 years when she is president?

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  1. Any strategy on how to handle her?

    1. I dont think there are viable strategies yet as she will need someone to bulldog her stupidity until her credibility collapses and the Idiocracy focuses on something else.

      Unfortunately that could take quite a while to achieve

    2. except for the fact that we know facts don't matter to the crowds shes peddling her nonsense to. Only feelings matter.

  2. There is still a libertarian who supports Trump?!