Thursday, December 6, 2018

George H.W. Bush and His Big Time Lying to the American People

Alan Simpson and George H.W. Bush casket.
That was really a strange eulogy of George H.W. Bush given yesterday by former Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson.

Simpson actually praised Bush for lying to the American people when he raised taxes:
The group went to George and said, "Look, we can get this package done, but we must have some revenue." And he said — and I'll never forget it — he said, "What I have said on that subject sure puts a hell of a lot of heat on me." And then they all said, "Yes, but we can get it done, and it will be bipartisan." And George said, "OK, go for it, but it will be a real punch in the gut.”
If you want to be reminded of what a lying creep, establishment tool Bush was, watch this:


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