Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Me and My Google Hub

Some of the many things that can run the Google Assistant
 according to  ARS Technica.
 Google says it expects to hit one billion Google Assistant devices by the end of the month—that's the total install base of devices that allow the user to issue voice commands to the Google Assistant, reports ARS Technica. That's ten times as many voice command devices out there as Amazon with its Alexa.

I am a big fan. I started out with a Google Mini and just recently upgraded to a Google Hub.

At first, I used the mini mostly to check the time and weather and to listen to music on the rare occasions I do so.

Then it was making phone calls with just a voice command.

I advanced to programming my TVs so that I can turn them on with a single voice command and go to any channel with commands like "Go to CNBC."  I haven't used a remote in weeks.

But the real power of the Google Assitant is its voice command and reply reminder, research and remember features. I am still playing around with these but they have already substantially increased my productivity.


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