Friday, February 8, 2019

David Malpass: "What I would do as the next president of the World Bank"

David Malpass and Pres. Trump
President Trump's nominee to head the World Bank, David Malpass, is out with an op-ed in The Financial Times that is filled with globalist and politically correct themes.

Anyone who holds the view, that Malpass is going to wind down the bank, has no clue.

From his essay:
The World Bank has the opportunity to play a key role in fostering broadly shared economic growth and meeting the challenges presented by the 21st-century economy. It can help to alleviate extreme poverty, lift up the standard of living for people in developing countries, and empower women to participate fully in their countries’ economies.


I am proud to have worked with Ivanka Trump, the World Bank, the G20 countries and others to launch the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, just one example of a pro-growth programme.


For poorer countries, the path to a higher standard of living is challenging. There is an urgency to achieving economic, social and environmental progress. Success requires the combined energy of each country’s men and women as well as the support of its leaders, neighbours and, in many cases, the broader global community. The World Bank is a key channel for this international support. It combines the resources of taxpayers worldwide to make loans and grants to governments which are seeking progress, and investments in businesses that could prosper and create jobs.

The US takes pride in the fact that it has been the biggest provider of global aid through public and private means. It does so because it aspires to lift billions of people out of poverty, subsistence and environmental distress. 
Malpass is simply a technocrat for the state. He is not taking anything apart.


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