Saturday, February 16, 2019

EXPLOSION: U.S. National Debt Hits Record $22 Trillion

The U.S. government's public debt is now more than $22 trillion — the highest it has ever been and the new debt level reflects a rise of more than $2 trillion from the day President Trump took office in 2017.

And it is going to get much worse.

Very conservative estimates forecast deficits to average $1.2 trillion a year over the next 10 years.

As a share of the U.S. economy, the national debt stood at 78 percent of GDP in 2018. But the CBO says it will rise to 93 percent by the end of 2029.

Of note: In 2015, President Trump, then just on the campaign trail, said "When you have $18-$19 trillion in debt, they need someone like me to straighten it out."



  1. How else is President Donald Dow Jones going to keep Obama's fake stock market and recovery going?

  2. Lets pretend that Donald Trump does what he has done in the past with his company debt and attempts to negotiate down the national debt. What would be the repercussions to the US economy? The inability to borrow more money? What if he decides to stiff some of the debtors, like China, Russia, etc? Some analysis on this would be very interesting. This just may be what happens if he wins a second term.

  3. Man it has teally blown up. Last time I looked at it was 18 trillion.

  4. He could start by defaulting on the debt held by the largest holder of Treasuries, The Federal Reserve.