Saturday, February 16, 2019

Hyper-Adaptation and IQ

Highlighted from the comments to the post, Is There a Government Connection to Low IQ?

Donxon writes: 

RW is right on with the time preference angle.

My girlfriend works with foster kids. Some of the kids are off the charts brilliant, but their brain power all goes toward navigating the perils of their circumstances, not abstract symbolic reasoning.

If every month you are adapting to new parents, new schools, new peers, new environment, all while dodging the sexual predators and gang recruiters, suddenly the question of which triangle comes next doesn't seem to important, but that doesn't mean your stupid. It just means you are hyper-adapted to a crazy situation.


  1. That's definitely true. Plus, who cares if Donatello wasn't good at math, he was an extremely gifted artist (and ninja turtle), so does he need to be?

    I heard a billionaire (I forget who) who said that he was definitely not smarter than most people, he was just good at one thing. Can anyone else think of some billionaires that aren't the brightest bulbs?

    1. If you put a foster kid in a room with strange adult to take an IQ test, most of his attention will be spent evaluating the strange adult, not the test. He doesn't understand the consequemcesnof the test, but he definitely understands the consequences of misreading a strange adult. Yes probably way better at it than you or I am.