Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hottest Real Estate Markets in the US

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  1. Driving past Midland Texas the other day (home of the Bush childhood home museum, by the way) I saw a billboard on i20 that advertised 16 acres for $16,500; terms $165 per month. A lot of nothing out there, but I suppose there's always potential. That sounds like very cheap land.

    1. It's pretty desolate out there. If you're lucky and you strike oil, you will be set for life but otherwise the place would be good enough for maybe some ranching, stargazing or hiding ballistic missiles.

  2. Let me guess why real estate in Chico is so pricey. Charcoal is cheap though.

  3. wow! The list make me surprise. Can anyone here let me know why the real estate market in Midland, TX is so hot? I don't see any city from Minnesota on the list..It seems that I should move to TX soon.