Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Contest for Readers

By Don Boudreaux

Here’s a contest for readers.
In the comments section here at this post, offer the best answer to the question “What’s wrong with this headline from today’s Washington Post, assuming that it accurately describes the WaPo report that it heads and that the report accurately describes the study that prompted the report?”
One week from today I will share at this blog, in a separate post, the three answers that I judge to be best.
Have fun and good luck!
The above originally appeared at Cafe Hayek.


  1. They made the article about race rather than income/consumption. They claim consumption drives air pollution. Rich people live in cleaner areas than poor people. Because a greater proportion of blacks/hispanics are poor, then of course whites are evil.

  2. They left out the word "some" as in "some whites", "some blacks", and "some Hispanics".

  3. There is no causal nexus between concentration of melanin in the skin (or other physical characteristic or cluster of characteristics) and either the production of pollution or suffering from pollution.

  4. They say whites cause air pollution. Air pollution is caused by production. So they are saying whites produce things and blacks and Hispanics do not. How racist.

  5. The problem is that it doesn't address property rights.